Why You Should Reply to Every Comment on Social Media

It’s baffling to me how many companies, brands and influencers miss the most obvious opportunity to engage with their fans.

To me, you should be responding to everyone who leaves a comment on your social media pages. Period.

When someone leaves a comment, this means they’ve taken time out of their day to do so. This matters.

When you respond to someone, you’re letting them know that they matter.

If they haven’t followed you yet, simply responding to their comment gives you another shot at getting them to join your crew.

It fosters a real relationship with your followers and sets you on a journey to build your first 1,000 true fans.

It also gets you past the algorithm robots which monitor your posts to check how much engagement you’re getting.

The more engagement your posts get, the more reach they give your post.

And guess what? If you reply to every post, you’ve just doubled your engagement.

One response

  1. Hi there, thanks for sharing this article. I think you are right its time to focus on how social media users are consuming our content and we should response them back for their queries.