We start by getting to know your business and your audience.

You’ll feel like you’ve just expanded your team.

We aim to get a complete picture and thorough understanding of your customer. We then develop and execute the strategy to attract them to you.

1. Strategic Planning

We align to your business objectives, deep dive into your customers to develop a content plan that will create engagement with your audience.

2. Content Plan

Once we know your goals and audience, we’ll uncover where their attention is, what content will appeal to them and how we’ll communicate within the context of each channel where we’ll reach them.

3. Content Creation

This is where we get to work. We adapt your message specifically for the channels we’re creating for. Being contextual at a channel level is vital because people think and behave differently on each platform.

We create a ridiculously large amount of content for our clients capitalising on the free distribution through organic social media.

Our high-volume content model allows us to gather huge amounts of customer insights from every piece of content we publish for you.

We quickly discover the secret ingredients to your content that creates customer engagement. This then informs the next piece of content we make.

4. Community Management

We believe in human engagement which is why we offer community management.

Our managers review times when your fans are most active to ensure they’re joining the conversation.

We don’t schedule Facebook or Instagram posts. We don’t do automated replies on Twitter.

Just one-to-one human interactions with fans at scale across selected social channels.

5. Amplification

Here’s when things get really interesting. We take the best posts, amplify them and create even more tailored ads with greater personalisation of messaging for more discrete market segments.

In addition to ads, we build greater awareness through influencers, brand partnerships, content sponsorships, email marketing and seo.